Patient Locker - Further information

Here we provide an honest and practical guide to using the Patient Locker system, describing the most up to date information and statistics relating to our Patient Locker software, customer reviews and walk through guides. We will discuss for you the benefits of the software for your own practices as well as handy 'how to' pieces to help with the day to day running of your patient practitioner communications.

But for now here is our Top 5 reasons to register today to see how Patient Locker can make your life easier.

Speed – create your practitioner account and be sending patient documents in minutes, so very quick and easy to use. We can all agree that time saved is money saved; if you are spending hours of each working day sending documents back and forth by encrypted email, calling to check if passwords have been received and numerous other lengthy processes you are wasting time and therefore money. Even if it is not you personally, your staff are wasting man hours that could be put to better use. Patient Locker enables you to create a Practitioner account, in literally minutes.. trust me I did it watching a history documentary. Very interesting… but I digress.. the process of setting up the account, including email verification and adding of patients was done inside of 10 minutes. Once the initial account is set up you add each patient account as you need, minutes spent not hours.

Peace of mind – everything you send is encrypted and you can easily confirm your document has been opened, documents are fully secure and compliant with all the latest regulations. Nothing worse than that pit of the stomach feeling when you have clicked reply all.. or chosen the wrong email address from the infinite options presented to you from the drop down list.. its easy to do and even easier to do when you are busy.

The Patient Locker system avoids all of those risks, no one is going to receive an email from you that they shouldn’t and you are not going to send a sensitive document to the wrong person. You can see exactly when the document was sent to the patients locker and also when they have opened it, peace of mind that you have done your part and the information has indeed been received. Racking your brain trying to think when you sent the document? Are you sure it was to this patient? What was inside it again? Relax, Patient Locker stores this information for you, easy to reference and confirm.

Support – help desk ticket option for any problems experienced by your patients, all patient issues are easily resolved. We have all had it, the conversation of “its just not working” normally this is at the end of the day when you most need to get things done and you get held up by something that turns out to be user error. Patient Locker allows you to open a ticket with any issues you or your patients experience which will be resolved by the support desk with concise information on what the issue is and how to avoid it in future. Straight forward and fast with no holding on the phone with annoying music or patronising jargon.

Affordable – save money on postage and time, no printing posting or telephoning. Pay monthly from only for a nominal fee, and with a free trial! “Who’s got a stamp?” no need to print and copy documents, Patient Locker provides the means to copy, store and send the information you need to from one screen and can be opened by your patient from the comfort of their own home. Fewer face to face visits to discuss information and no need for trips to the post office or rushing to catch the last post. I can only image the amount of times the poor collection person has been chased through the foyer of the practice by someone wielding envelopes. Simplicity – no need to separately encrypt documents, or zip them to send through email – just upload what you want to send in a matter of seconds.

Upload your documents and forget about them, you can easily list those patients who have not yet opened your delivery, re-send or remind them to access their locker. The Patient Locker system is not only easy for patients to use, it is comfortable and straightforward for practitioners training other members of staff to use the system. Remember the statistic from earlier in this post? Account set up, verified and patient added in under ten minutes. Leaves you time for tea and biscuits.