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Patient Locker, a GDPR compliant encryption service for sending your documents securely

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securely send your documents to patients using the latest GDPR compliant technology

What is Patient Locker?

Patient Locker is a secure document exchange service accessed by you and your patients in the cloud, it maybe used by any organisation that needs to ensure only their Patients can read what is sent out.
Fully compliant with the latest data privacy laws it ensures you can become GDPR compliant replacing the sending of letters and documents via Email.
Your communications are always protected, Lockers hold documents behind multiple layers of encryption, stored in the UK on the Microsoft Azure platform, we guarantee that no information is exchanged with any other non-compatible service.

How Patient Locker Works

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Use Patient Locker to ensure compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

HIPAA Compliant

Sending HIPAA Compliant Emails is not possible using ordinary email. Non-compliance can cost fines of between £750 and £44,000. (

Unfortunately for the majority of healthcare providers, email security is non-existent. It is too easy for hackers to steal Personal Health Information (PHI) because emails are not adequately encrypted and secured. If you are in the UK healthcare sector, you need to implement a mechanism to encrypt digital PHI whenever sending documents to patients outside of your own system. It is possible to send PHI via email, if each document is securely encrypted and protected with a password - but then somehow you need to send that password to the patient in advance of their documents.

Generally, email is an insecure way to send data. Every message may cross the Internet multiple times, plus it is likely to be stored on multiple different servers where it is open to attack.

HIPAA Compliant Email standards require that PHI remains secure both at rest and in transit. That means patient documents must be protected while sitting on workstations and servers, and encrypted each time you send email across the Internet or other insecure networks.

Patient Locker avoids these issues surrounding the use of email. Your documents are never sent using email – only a notice of document availability is forwarded to your patient using email, they then access their own private locker and retrieve their documents directly which causes them to be de-crypted. Any document you upload is automatically stored encrypted – and can only be accessed by your patient using their own self-created password.

‘Patient Locker – security made simple’


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Patient Locker - a unique concept that puts the Patient in control of their data.